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At Just Christening you will find a selection of christening gowns which are suitable for either boys or girls.  Just click on the picture to the left for Baby Boys' christening gowns or the picture to the right for Baby Girls' christening gowns.

The boys' gowns are in a more simple style to the girls so are also suitable as gender neutral or unisex gowns.


A long christening gown is the traditional choice of baptism outfit.  These are often made of luxurious fabrics such as silk and handed down from one generation to the next as family heirlooms. But whilst long Christening gowns are perfect for babes in arms, they are unsuitable for babies who have started to walk or crawl.

For that reason, christening gowns are made only up to the 6-12 months size.  For older children or those who have started walking before 12 months, a smart dress, romper or suit is an alternative option for a christening outfit.

Christening gowns come in white or ivory. White symbolises purity and is the original colour for christening but many people prefer the gentler ivory or off-white hue.

Baptism gowns are also very formal so you might want to buy a different christening dress or outfit to change your baby into after the church ceremony.

As a coat or cardigan doesn't usually look right with a formal christening gown, you might wish to purchase a baptism shawl or blanket to wrap your baby in whilst going to and from the church.  This can double up as a cot blanket later or as a keepsake.  We have a selection of christening blankets on this website.